Quality Assurance

Aims & Objectives

Whilst place at ABC we try to ensure that every young person leaves the unit having achieved and acquired the basic essential skills of life.

We acheive this by using the following Aims, Objectives & Framework:

Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide support that is tailored to each young person’s needs.
  • To empower young people to lead as independent a life as possible.
  • To provide a service that takes into account the young person’s preferences, wished, personal circumstances and individual abilities.
  • To provide our young people with support of the highest quality within their own home environment.


PDP ModulesPCP PlansSupport Hour ReviewsEssential life skills plan (ELSP)
PDP (personal development plan) modules enable ABC to closely monitor and track young person’s development thus empowering the resolution of necessary changes and improvements by being able to set and manage goals using objective techniques such as SMART and TMT/incentives.

These PCPs (Personal care plans) take in consideration the level of care and type of key worker will consequently be required by the young person. It enables us to cater for specific needs or issues that need to/should be addressed during the their stay at the unit’

Support hour reviews are done bi-weekly to address the possibility of change within the young person and their ability and or inability to grasp certain task over others, the results there of are assessed in order to ensure the Young person is receiving the adequate support needed for them to develop.

During a Young Person’s stay at the unit ABC tries to ensure that by the time they leave the unit they would of achieved and acquired the basic essential skills of life, such as personal hygiene, cleaning, cooking, shopping, budgeting, this is achieved using a ELSP These are the essential skills that ABC believes to be steps towards a life of independence all of which are attainable skills.